Eskrima & Knife solo drill video.

Eskrima & Knife solo drill video.

Eskrima movement: It seems the same but it´s not.

It seems the same but it is not. Just take a close look at the Eskrima video I’m sharing today.

An Eskrima simplification that interests me a lot when I spar (or practice) with a knife, is to do «the same drill» by changing distance and angle of attack while maintaining the same movement pattern (this is going to be the «non secret»).

  • The objectives is to focus on «the cut can change (angles of attack and distance)», although you can not lose the focus of jabbing (more deadly) with your weapon.
  • Pay attention to my warrior shirt, Mickey Mouse. My son is attentive in these moments of training. I love this, it is his father’s favorite shirt. To me it is important that they relate to Eskrima, and with weapons in a playful way, knowing how important and dangerous they are, but away from just fear and ignorance…


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